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Major General John PrendergastMajor General John Prendergast
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State Area Command - 95th Troop Command

During FY01, the Montana Army National Guard (MTARNG) maintained its status as a national leader in military training facilities and as a home to some of the nation's top forces. Upon completing nation-building missions in El Salvador,  contingency operations in Kuwait, and dropping 2.3 million gallons of water during 4,483 accident-free sorties, the 1-189th CSAB was selected as the top Army National Guard aviation unit for 2000 with the Army Aviation Association's Outstanding Aviation Unit award.

Montana's Blackhorse unit, TRP E 163d CAV, conducted full-scale OPFOR training with the 11th ACR for the first time since placement in the state. They won every engagement and provided outstanding training for the U.S. Army's 3rd Infantry Division.

Unique training accomplishments included a Torosaurus skull airlift, the largest dinosaur skull ever found in the world. MTARNG members also planned and conducted the largest community-support activity in state history during F01. 3,000 citizens joined Montana's governor, Congressional delegation and author Stephen Ambrose in the "Salute to the Greatest Generation," where World War II and all armed forces veterans were honored.

Montana's 43 Army Guard units have an annual $61 million economic impact, and are integral to the state's resource infrastructure, economic base and social fabric.

State Financial Information

Colonel George DonnellyColonel George Donnelly
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FY01 ECONOMIC IMPACT (Federal Spending)

Military Pay and Allowances


Civilian Payroll


Goods and Services


Military Construction




The Montana Army National Guard (MTARNG) received sufficient funding during FY01. As in past years, this fiscal year continued the trend of shortages in Communications Services and Technician Pay. Montana reprogrammed existing Annual Funding Program from other Operations and Maintenance programs in order to makeup the above shortages and fund additional technician positions authorized by Congress. We utilized a new funding strategy for execution of our NGPA funding that should significantly reduce "de-obligation" or "growback" of FY02 funds. Overall, the MTARNG was able to fund all training requirements and execute funding in accordance with our FY01 spending priorities.

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