Guard – Recruiting Assistance Program (G-RAP)

What is it? The Army National Guard’s Recruiting Assistance Program (G-RAP) is the ARNG’s adaptation of civilian contract recruiting. The program went into effect as a pilot program to selected states in December 2005 with the last 32 states launching G-RAP in February 2006. Currently all 54 states and territories are participating in the program. Participation is open to individuals as determined by Docupak, Inc., the company under contract with NGB to supplement enlistment efforts of the ARNG Recruiting and Retention Force. AGR Soldiers (Title 10 and Title 32), Mil Techs, and Soldiers serving on ADSW or mobilization are excluded from participation in G-RAP by mutual agreement of the contractor and NGB.

What has the Army done? Significant features of G-RAP implementation include:

  • The G-RAP program requires additional training and contractual performance by selected subcontractors such as a prospecting phase, a prequalification phase, a salesmanship phase, an applicant processing phase, and a sponsorship phase. These phases are worked by the contractor in concert with a local recruiter to attract and enlist the best qualified applicants, and to reduce the risk of training pipeline attrition.

  • The ARNG has processed over 47,800 actual enlistments through G RAP. Upon verified enlistment, the RA will receive an initial $1,000 payment, with a second $1,000 payment upon verification of the Soldier’s successful shipment to Basic Training for non-prior service contracts or a full $2,000 payment for prior-service contracts. Exact payment timelines vary depending upon prior service/non-prior status and availability of training seats.

  • In August, 2007, G-RAP expanded to include incentives for officer accessions.
    G-RAP O provides payments of up to $8,500 for Officer Commissions entered through G-RAP. The total amount of payment for an Officer Accession is determined by the ARNG’s current critical needs and the GRAP-O payment chart on the date of commission.

  • The Active First initiative has been incorporated into G-RAP. This program allows G-RAP Recruiting Assistants to recruit for the Active First program and earn additional incentives for those enlistments.

  • G-RAP statistics are maintained by the contractor and can be made available to Recruiting and Retention Force leaders at the discretion of the contractor and NGB.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future? The current program goal is for states and territories to have 30% of authorized end-strength qualified as Recruiting Assistants (RAs). No ending date has been determined for this program.

Why is this important to the Army? G-RAP Recruiting Assistants (RAs) are deeply ingrained in the local communities and are better positioned to reach the target populations. The G-RAP contact-to-contract ratio is currently 4:1 (one out of every four potential G-RAP Soldiers qualifies and enlists into the ARNG). This compares very favorably to the traditional contact-to-contract ratio of 18:1.

For additional information about G-RAP go to: and click on “Overview”

Last Revised on 30 November 2007