Army National Guard Enterprise Data Warehousing

The Army National Guard (ARNG) Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) is a key strategic asset in the ARNG transformation initiative. It is to serve as a crossfunctional Common Operating Picture (COP) decision support system for business intelligence. Decision makers use it daily to successfully accomplish diverse Federal and State missions. It provides a consistent Enterprisewide view of ARNG information assets and is easily accessible over the web through Guard Knowledge Online (GKO).

The EDW integrates disparate, "stovepipe," noncrossfunctional data from multiple systems into a robust onestop information asset that services business intelligence and decisionmaking. It provides a centralized copy of ARNG transaction data specifically structured for querying, reporting, and analysis.

The ARNG Classified Enterprise Data Warehouse (CEDW) provides both transactional and reporting capabilities that support NGBARR readiness and mobilization by providing reliable, high quality and consistent data across all ARNG enterprise functional areas suitable for analysis, forecasting, reporting, adhoc querying, and decision support processes. The ARNG CEDW maximizes the use of existing Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA) Web applications and provides additional capabilities that automate the labor intensive manual data integration and reporting tasks.

Benefits of the ARNG Enterprise Data Warehousing

•Easy central access to more and better information

•Single source of integrated, authoritative data

•Provides users with better understanding of the business

•Collects ‘intellectual capital’ from knowledgeable people

•Identifies source system data integrity issues

•Identifies integration issues between source systems

•Secure webbased access; Network protection via network firewalls; Intrusion protection via application firewall; User authentication through Microsoft Active Directory; Single signon from GKO to EDW and GKOS to CEDW



Enterprise Data Warehouse Process

Enterprise Data Warehouse Process