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Guard Safety 

Army National Guard safety activities are organized to protect the force and enhance warfighting capabilities through a systematic and progressive process of hazard identification and risk management. These activities support commanders by early identification of safety problems that could degrade readiness or mission accomplishment. When safety problems are identified, actions to address them must be initiated and implemented through command channels.


 U.S. Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center

Whether on or off the job.

But some signs are more subtle than others. No one can miss the Soldier who engages in horseplay with his service weapon or speeds out of control in an Army vehicle. Off duty, the signs may be harder to spot, yet buddies know when something isn't right. The Soldier who drives after drinking all night, the one who thinks the road belongs to him or her alone, or the one who believes personal protective equipment is optional when riding off post. We've seen it all, but have we done the right thing and spoken up every time?

Training, discipline and standards are the bedrock of our Army, and as a Soldier, you've been taught what right looks like. As a leader, you have a duty and a responsibility to maintain standards in your formation. You also have an obligation to your Soldiers and their Families to manage risk and take action to correct the problem. In our fight against accidental fatalities, knowledge is the weapon of choice.

The Know the Signs campaign is designed to heighten awareness of risk factors and provide leaders and Soldiers the tools they need to address safety issues in their unit or peer group. The signs are all around — it's up to you to recognize and act on them.

Know the signs. Know what's right. Do what's right.

Autumn (Sept. 4 - Nov. 25) Winter Safety (Nov. 26 - Feb. 28)
Topics include sports/recreation, pedestrian safety, pov and pom safety, alcohol safety and workplace/home safety. Available now! Check back for winter safety topics such as winter driving, cold injury prevention, holiday safety and more. Available now!
Spring Safety (Mar. 1 - May 23) Summer Safety (May 24 - Sept. 3)

Spring is in the air and it's time to safely spend some of that pent-up energy. Topics include alcohol safety, driving safety and more.
Summer Safety topics will include heat injury prevention, water and outdoor recreation safety and more.

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